Sunrise TongarikiAnakena BeachMotu nui from OrongoLes CalanchesVolcano Rano kauSector TahaiRano Raraku Quarry
Easter Island's rongo-rongo script, the only evidence of polynesian script to have been found to date.

   Many caves feature in the myths and legends of the rapanui. The annual festival, the Tapati, around the beginning of February to celebrate rapanui culture, include a musical tradition that combines south american and polynesian influences and a vibrant carving tradition.

All the photos on the Web site concern Easter Island, her beautifull region like the quarry of the moai, the typical polynesian beach of Anakena, the Rano Kau volcano, the ceremonial hamlet of Orongo, the Vinapu temple, Ahu Akivi site. Visiting walking, by car, horse-riding or by boat depending the situation.


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